A Really Nice Start of Schooling

When our daughter, Annu(Anagha) first joined WonderYears, we had great anxiety whether she will ever get accustomed to the environment, since she was going to a school for the first time. All our anxiety were blown off, in just 2 weeks. The Wonder Years did real magic!!! Now, she is eager to go to her […]

Personal Attention, Care, Safety and Nurturing

We are happy and feel our children are privileged to spend her childhood at a school run very professionally by qualified professionals. Personal Attention, Care, Safety and nurturing each child uniquely are the things we like most. The Care and affection the Child gets to form the in-house doctor help keep our fears aside. A […]

A Great Service!

Mr.Goerge is doing a great service through Wonder Years, he and his team are very cordial and cooperative, taking good care of the children.My son Randy is having a nice time there. May God bless George and his team in all their endeavour.

Above the Rest

We had visited many playschools for our son who was new to the city. “The Wonder Years” was the only one which both of us liked. We were surprised by the way he got active in the playschool within few days. Kudos to George and his team.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

The efforts taken by Mr George and his team is really Marvelous. As is said that ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS, The Wonder Years Proves that. The Wonder Years is a result of Great Vision and Inspiration of its CEO. Our son Nevin Jose (and now his younger brother Elvin) is extremely happy in going […]

A Genuine Sense of Affection

My daughter Daya thinks the world of her Wonder Years Preschool. She has a great time at her school with all her friends and teachers, so much so that she is talking about it when I am back home from the office. Wonder Years has a homely atmosphere, a close-knit group of staff and kids. […]

A Wonderful Experience

It has been a wonderful experience to be with The Wonder Years Preschool. The transition of my child had been amazing. In fact, my elder child struggled a bit during her LKG to have the sense of counting but Nayana was able to get the sense of counting very easily with the wonder years coaching […]

A Second Home!

Aditi is very happy and is learning new things while having fun. It has been her second home for the last four years!

Incredibly Organised and Well-Run

Wonder Years Schools are incredibly organised and well-run. You can immediately tell it’s a safe, secure and fun environment for children by all the safety measure and learning materials they have in place. George is a visionary leader who is passionate about education and truly cares for every single one of the students. I thoroughly […]

A Sensible Choice!

I remember the words George(kid’s George uncle) told me on my first visit to preschool: we just create boundaries for children they learn on their own- to share, take turns, let go, aspire for things and move on’. As a mother of a clingy 3 yr old, who has been to other preschools trying to […]